Why Perceptive?

Upgrade from Intuition to Science

Our data-driven approach significantly decreases false alarms compared to rule-based Customer Success platforms. Shift from manually defined rules to leveraging the most advanced machine learning algorithms and extensive domain knowledge to generate highly precise predictions

Tailored Technology

Unlike generic, one-size-fits-all AI technologies, the Perceptive AI model is laser-focused on the twin challenges of customer success: boosting renewals and growing revenues. Designed hand-in-hand with leading global customer success professionals, our prediction model is substantially more accurate than general-purpose AI solutions

Fast Time to Value

Built to easily integrate with your existing business tools and data, Perceptive AI can be quickly deployed for your team. A simple and straightforward implementation process lets you start seeing value and ROI within days of installation!

Single, Data-Driven Source of Truth

Our unbiased prediction model is based on AI rather than the intuition of a customer success manager. Clearly explained predictions and outcomes can be shared across various teams and departments for effective and accurate collaboration


Harnessing our data science expertise, Perceptive AI is the first platform of its kind to employ Artificial Intelligence to empower customer success teams. Take the guesswork out of customer risk assessment and replace manual processes with automated AI technology

Predictive Model Improves over Time

Your team's chosen actions are automatically fed back to Perceptive AI's algorithm, enabling the model to constantly refine itself

Your Data is Safe

We take your data seriously. We are fully committed to safeguarding the privacy of your data. We handle your sensitive and critical customer data with the ultimate respect, and take care to comply with all relevant standards and data privacy regulations (such as SSL, GDPR and VPC)

Leverage Every Bit of Customer Data

Data is power - the more sources you connect to Perceptive AI, the more accurate the model. That's why we offer integrations to the most popular CRM and Support Ticketing systems, databases and other data sources

“Perceptive AI helped us become a success-driven organization. We drove change by sharing actionable business trends across teams and achieved amazing results”