The Client Intelligence Platform for Customer Success

Ongoing Predictions

Pinpoint valuable accounts that may be at risk. Explore them, apply filters, compare to previous predictions and gain insights

Aggregated Dashboard View

Segment accounts by multiple attributes and criteria, discover trends, and hone in on what's important

Root Cause Analysis

Investigate specific business problems and opportunities using advanced data visualization tools to determine root cause and potential impact on other customers

AI-Powered Actions

Get actionable recommendations on how to retain a customer or leverage an upsell opportunity

Train for Excellence

Find out what differentiates top-performing CSMs and train the rest of the team in these practices to improve performance and customer satisfaction

Share Success

Generate reports to gain insights into common patterns, uncover key factors that affect adoption, churn and revenue expansion, and share results with management and peers

Chronological Analysis

Analyze customer risks and opportunities on a visual timeline, making it easy to see customer evolution and decide upon the right action

Maintain Data Integrity

Detect anomalies and pinpoint data corruptions using a proprietary data cleaning engine optimized for customer success data, so your data is always accurate and reliable

“Perceptive AI helped us become a success-driven organization. We drove change by sharing actionable business trends across teams and achieved amazing results”