Getting Better Results Starts with Using the Right Tools


Perceptive AI is built to seamlessly integrate with all your data sources (CRM, Support Ticketing, Billing, etc.). This gives you full visibility into the customer journey and lets you drive value from the get-go. No need to start small and iterate, no need to define the required actions, and no rule configurations - the machine does the work for you


Using machine-learning algorithms, our success prediction engine analyzes data related to customer behavior and automatically provides alerts enabling early detection of customers likely to churn, as well as those who are ripe targets for upsell and revenue expansion activities. Our industry-leading model guarantees a very low rate of false alarms, so your team can concentrate on the accounts that matter


Our predictions analysis module provides a clear and unbiased interpretation of the reasons behind each prediction. By leveraging data visualization techniques, customer success managers and decision-makers are able to understand root cause and assess the potential impact of a discovered problem on other customers


Perceptive AI closes the loop by delivering actionable recommendations for the required next steps. Whether your desired outcome is customer retention or revenue expansion, we give you the advance notice you need to act effectively (e.g., resolving a ticket to drive adoption or making the right upsell pitch at the perfect time)


Share results and business insights with management and peers across various teams within your organization. Let your colleagues understand the key factors affecting adoption, risk and expansion, and inform them as to which actions made an actual impact