Unleash the Power of Artificial Intelligence for Customer Success

Perceptive AI makes customer success predictable for B2B SaaS companies

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How We Help You Drive Success

Boost Net MRR

Drive renewals and more revenue from existing clients by leveraging predictive analytics

Make Success Strategic

Share business insights with multiple teams to drive change (e.g., product, sales, marketing or management)

Gain Visibility into Team Performance

Data-driven customer success operations gives you insight into what your CSMs are doing right (and what they're doing wrong) with respect to customer retention and expansion

Make Your Efforts Matter

Maximize business impact and decrease Customer Retention Cost (CRC) by investing your efforts on engaging with the right customers, not on identifying them

Turn Clients into Advocates

Help customers achieve their desired outcomes by knowing what's stopping them from getting there

The Intelligent Path to Customer Success

It is not about gut feeling and guessing.. Focus on the accounts that matter most before it’s too late.

Why Perceptive?


Accurately detect early signals of churn, pinpoint customers ripe for upsell and revenue expansion, and get timely predictions


Discover the reasons behind each prediction and understand root cause using cutting edge data-visualization capabilities


Get actionable next step recommendations to achieve the desired outcome, such as retaining a customer, increasing product adoption or making the right offer at the right time

“Perceptive AI is a real game changer. We managed to retain accounts that we didn’t even know were at risk with almost no false positives at all”
Ariel Utnik, Chief customer officer @ Feedvisor